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Yumicron CX – 12 Volt


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High performance batteries, the heavyweights in Yuasa’s maintenance free line More starting Power, More Reserve Capacity. If high power is top priority in a replacement battery, look to the heavyweight champs. Yuasa’s High performance, Maintenance Free Batteries. More lead plates (a dozen more in each battery) and radial grid design deliver more cranking amps, greater conductivity and reserve capacity to spare. And, they provide all the user-friendly features that keep customers asking for Yuasa.

The Yumicron CX battery

The YuMicron CX was the first small engine starting battery to use ‘’lead calcium’’ technology. This special technology means the YuMicron CX generated more power, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer that any other conventional battery. More Power Because of its unique design, the CX will generate 5% to 8% more cold cranking amperage that our own high-output YuMicron lead-antimony battery. For high compression machines, this means greater reserve capacity and more starting power. Less Maintenance The YuMicron CX lead calcium technology also reduces water loss, so the CX requires servicing (water filling) only about one-eighth as often as ordinary lead-antimony types. Longer Life The YuMicron CX holds its specific gravity more than three times as long as the lead-antimony type batteries resulting in a longer shelf life. This feature means longer periods between charges, especially.

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