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Hydration System SP1 LEATT® by USWE


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The SP1 Fuelpack is a revolutionary mobile hydration system, creating a new market in international off-road Motorcycle and Bicycle racing. The construction is based on a specially developed liquid pack, easily strapped directly on to the Thoracic strut of the Leatt-Brace®, giving a well balanced fit. This enables the rider to combine increased neck protection and a hydration system in a very flexible way. The SP1 Fuelpack includes a unique helmet hands free kit (HHF), enabling the rider to drink completely hands free, without letting go of the handlebar. This saves precious seconds on the track as well as being clearly safer for any rider. This is an optimal hydration system for Motocross, Enduro and Freeride Bicycling. * SP1 Fuelpack HHF, Liquid capacity: 0,5L (18oz) Weight: 113g , fits to all the DBX/GPX brace models from Leatt-Brace® incl new DBX/GPX Pro