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300V Off-road Factory Line


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100% Synthetic
High performance lubricant developed for the “Factory Teams” and specially designed to offer a better clutch “feeling” and exceptional engine and gear box protection in extreme conditions of use. For motorcycles equipped with 4-stroke engines with integrated gearboxes or not, wet or dry clutch. Racing engines operating at very high temperatures and high revs: Dirt bikes, MX, etc. and also ATV • Ester technology: maximum oil film resistance at very high temperature • No oil film breakdown • Very low shear loss on Bosch Test ASTM D6278: oil pressure is stable whatever the conditions of use for outstanding engine and gearbox protection • 5W40 grade allows excellent oil flow into the engine, faster oil pressure set up and faster revs raisings • 15W60 grade is able to absorb fuel dilution in the oil and maintains high oil pressure; engine can run at very high temperature and under heavy load over a long period • JASO MA approved to ensure perfect wet clutch locking at start-up, acceleration and full speed and more power at the rear wheel • Better traction in difficult condition, sand, snow, soil • The API SL standard allows full compatibility of the lubricant with the latest generation of engines in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications

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